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If you’re ever struck with the urge to watch every episode of Doctor Who, it’s not too difficult to determine the proper order. But when you attempt to introduce the spin-offs into your viewing order, it can be a bit of a pain to work out how everything fits together. If you are trying to follow minisodes as well, it can be even tougher. And what about other media? Big Finish audio dramas, comics, novels, and more... it can seem almost impossible.

This site attempts to provide a solution to the above probelm. There are a few sites out there that offer "complete chronologies", but for many users these lists are too complete. Maybe you just want to see televised material without the other media. Maybe you want to see audios dramas, but you don't care about comics. That's why this site allows you to specify what you do and don't want to see.

Please keep in mind that, as with any attempt to put all of Doctor Who in chronological order, a certain amount of guesswork and opinion is involved. "Recommended order" represents my personal opinionated recommendation of the order in which the items in the list should be viewed. Character lists default to a "Character Chronology" order which presents an opinionated best guess at how all of the stories fit together into that character's personal timeline (with explanatory notes). You can of course override these by choosing to sort the entries by date instead.

Here are some of the features I am hoping to incorporate in future updates.

  • More Big Finish (probably focusing on Short Trips, special releases, and remaining current)
  • Novels (Virgin New Adventures first, others to follow)
  • Comics (DWM, and Titan Comics first, others to follow)
  • Allow users to specify which series/media should be checked by default
  • Individual episode view (allows you to view an episode and see all the characters associated with that episode, which will hopefully be useful for determining whether a given story has "pre-requisites")