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character lists

On this page you will find links to lists for each Doctor, companion, or other notable recurring characters. When when you sort the list by character chronology, some episodes will be listed twice if they contain flashbacks, or multiple appearances of a character at different points in their timeline, or if they are interrupted by events covered in a different episode. If you sort the list by release/broadcast date, episodes are only listed once.

In some cases the information may be incomplete. If you have feedback or suggestsions please see the contact page for info on how to get in touch.

The Doctor

Companions of the Doctor (televised)

Companions of the Doctor (other media)

Enemies of the Doctor (televised)

Doctor Who Aliens and Monsters (televised)

Doctor Who Enemies, Aliens, and Monsters (other media)

Other Doctor Who Characters (televised)

Other Doctor Who (And Spin-off) Characters (other media)

The Sarah Jane Adventures Main Characters

The Sarah Jane Adventures Aliens, Monsters and Enemies

Other The Sarah Jane Adventures Characters

Torchwood Main Characters

Torchwood Aliens, Monsters and Enemies

Other Torchwood Characters

Non-Televised Torchwood Characters

Class Main Characters

Class Aliens, Monsters and Enemies

Other Class Characters

Groups and Organizations (televised)

Groups and Organizations (other media)